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Connection issues:

what can cause them and how to solve them


cameras that are wifi-enabled

If your camera allows wifi-connections, but you are connecting to your tablet using cables, you must turn the wifi off on your camera first.

  • If wifi remains on, the app will not be able to see your camera.

check your cables. Now check them again.

This is a tricky one, and it’s caught us before too. You’ll need to use a USB-OTG (“on the go”) adapter cable to connect your tablet to the USB cable that is connected to your camera. It has to be a USB-OTG cable, and there are many other non-OTG cables that look almost identical and will fit but just won’t work. If you aren’t sure that you have the right cable, check the photo below. If you need to order one, Amazon stocks them. USB-OTG CABLE

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Start by opening your tablet’s photo gallery app. If you can’t see the photos that are currently on your camera’s memory card, it means the camera and tablet are communicating. This is an indicator that your cables are not working. There’s nothing SLR Booth software can do to overcome this connection issue.


USB OTG is a special cable with an extra pin in it that tells your mobile device to act as a host rather than an accessory. Not all devices support USB OTG, but most devices from major brands do. When we use a USB-OTG adapter to put our device into host mode, the SLR Booth app can connect to and control a DSLR camera.


SLR Booth Pro does not support all digital SLR cameras. While we are working hard to add cameras all the time, there are still Canon and Nikon models that won’t work with our software. If you are having a connection issue, take a look at our supported cameras list and make sure yours is on there.

check that another app isn’t trying to use your camera

SLR Booth Pro works by controlling your camera through your mobile device. If another app (usually the photo gallery) on your device is already using your camera, SLR Booth Pro won’t be able to connect. Just exit the other app to disconnect, and reconnect to SLR Booth Pro by selecting the icon on the main screen of the app.

using a nikon camera? Check your power source.

Some Nikon models will refuse to connect to SLR Booth Pro if their battery is low or they are using a third-party AC adapter.

using a canon camera over wifi? make sure you create a new wifi setting in your camera.

Canon cameras use wireless presets or ‘settings’ to store your wifi connection information. If you have used a setting to connect to a different app (such as the Canon app), you cannot reuse it to connect to SLR Booth Pro. You’ll have to create a new setting in your camera. The first time you use this setting to connect, your camera will ask you to allow the connection. Once you’ve permitted the connection once, it should not ask again.

tried and true. Unplug & plug it back in again.

If things are just not working, sometimes simply unplugging your camera, exiting out of the app, and starting over again fixes things. We don’t know why this works, but it’s worth a shot.

still struggling to connect? We can help.

Send us an email ( [we respond, we promise!] or connect with us on Facebook Messenger. You can also send us a note through our contact form.