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set up a green screen with slr booth pro

setting up your backdrop

  1. You will need a green screen backdrop. These are known as “chroma key green” and you can get them in fabric, paper, vinyl, fold-up, etc. There are lots of options available to fit your budget and durability needs.

  2. Ensure that there are no folds or wrinkles in the backdrop that could create harsh shadows, as black and grey won’t be replaced with your chosen background.

  3. Check that your lighting is fairly even across the backdrop. You want to avoid areas that are too light or too dark.

  4. Let your guests know that if possible, they should avoid wearing green clothing in the booth (unless they want to be invisible!).

Why Green?

Green is used for this purpose because no part of the human body or hair is naturally green. This means that it will not be accidentally removed in the post-production process when the green is being replaced by your chosen background.

When green clothing is essential (hello, St. Patrick’s Day), blue is often used in place of green. Unfortunately, SLR Booth Pro does not support blue screens at this time.

Setting up your template in slr booth pro

  1. Decide which background you’d like to use (this is what will replace the green).

  2. Resize the background image file to match your desired print size (1800 x 1200 for a 4x6).

  3. Save your image as a .png file.

  4. Import your image into the SLR Booth Pro app by adding it as a template on the template screen.

  5. Select your template, go back to the main photo screen, and you should see the live preview displaying your chosen background in place of the green screen.

Please note: at this time, you can not use both the green screen replacement template and other photo templates at the same time. This is a feature we are currently working on and will update as soon as it is available!