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photo triggering options in slr booth pro


If you are using a device with a touchscreen interface, such as a tablet or all-in-one, you can trigger photos by simply touching the camera icon in the app.


usb foot pedal

A USB foot pedal is a fun option if you’d rather your guests be able to trigger the photo without approaching the screen. It’s also useful if you don’t have a touchscreen interface.

You can find USB foot pedals on Amazon quite inexpensively (we like this one but there are lots that work). Simply program the pedal to send the spacebar command, and SLR Booth will trigger the photo when it receives the command from the pedal.

NOTE: the pedal can only send one command, so you will only be able to trigger photos with it. You’ll need to use another method to tell the app to keep or delete photos, and to change settings.

Suggested Supplies (Amazon) USB FOOT PEDAL



bluetooth remote

A bluetooth remote (also widely available on Amazon and elsewhere) enables pairing with your tablet. When you press the button on the remote, it will send the signal to the app and start the photo countdown.

Suggested Supplies (Amazon) BLUETOOTH REMOTE


slr booth remote app

You can download our free companion app, SLR Booth Remote, for free on the Google Play Store. The app allows you to use a second mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, to control SLR Booth Pro. The remote app will recognize that you are running SLR Booth Pro on your network, and automatically connect to it.

Using the remote app allows you to trigger photos, and also the approve and delete photos.

NOTE: If you have multiple photo booth setups running at once, you’ll need to ensure that each is on its own network if you’re running the remote app, as it will try to recognize both instances of SLR Booth Pro.

Suggested Supplies (Google Play Store) SLR Booth Remote App

infrared (IR) remote control

If you are using an Android TV box for your booth, they often come with a remote that you can use to move between buttons and trigger the app.


A gamepad, such as the NVidia Shield, can be used to control SLR Booth Pro. You’ll need to pair the gamepad with your device.

keyboard + mouse


A keyboard and mouse can control SLR Booth Pro - simply use the mouse to engage the onscreen buttons, or use spacebar to trigger photos.