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share photos to facebook from slr booth pro


1. Ensure that you are logged on to your Facebook account on the device you are using SLR Booth Pro on.

2. Access the SETTINGS screen on SLR Booth. Select GALLERY SETTINGS.

3. Within GALLERY SETTINGS, ensure that “Allow Facebook in Gallery” is selected.

4. Go back to the main screen of SLR booth.

5. Select the Gallery to open it. Choose the photo or photos that you wish to upload.

6. Select the Facebook icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to your Facebook app and invited to post the photos.

There has been a change in the way Facebook allows 3rd-party apps to post photos. This means that users of SLR Booth Pro are no longer able to post directly from the app. You can still post to Facebook by using the steps at left, or, you and your guests might find it easier to simply send photos to their phones via QR scanner or email and post from their own devices.