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set up kiosk mode in slr booth


  1. In the SLR Booth Pro app, go to the SETTINGS screen and select Kiosk Settings.

  2. To turn on Kiosk Mode, check the Kiosk Mode? button and choose a pin/passcode that will be used to unlock Kiosk mode.

  3. Choose the settings that you wish to enable/disable while in Kiosk mode from the options available. These include different sharing options (social media, email, QR, etc) as well as the ability to view the gallery or change the template.

  4. Return to the main screen and click the lock icon in the top right corner to turn Kiosk Mode on. This is also how you would disable Kiosk mode. The lock will close when Kiosk mode is enabled.

Kiosk Mode allows you to lock down the user interface in SLR Booth Pro so that photobooth users only get access to the options and features that you have chosen to allow. This can be useful in busy events, saving time between users and preventing people from changing your settings.

Kiosk Mode Settings Screen in SLR Booth Pro.

Kiosk Mode Settings Screen in SLR Booth Pro.