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troubleshooting slr Booth pro:

canon camera users


flash not firing

The Canon rebel series cameras will not fire a non-TTL flash in Live View mode. To work around this, there is a setting in the SLR Booth Pro app.

  1. In the SETTINGS screen, select CAMERA SETTINGS.


For cameras in the higher-end series of Canon’s range, there is a setting on the camera called “Live View Silent Shooting”. You should disable this feature to allow your flash to fire.

live view is too dark

Canon cameras have a feature called “Live View Exposure Preview”. This will attempt to show you how bright your final picture will be. Unfortunately, if you are using a non-TTL flash, it won’t take the light from the flash into account when generating this preview, and the preview can be very dark.

For cameras in the X0D-series and higher, you can disable this preview feature on your camera.

If you are using a Rebel-series camera, the feature cannot be disabled, however there is a workaround. If your external flash has an optical slave, you can use your camera’s onboard flash to trigger it, which will brighten up the preview image. Adjust your camera’s flash compensation to be as low as possible, so the on-camera flash will be overpowered by your external flash.

cameras that are wifi-enabled

If your camera allows wifi-connections, but you are connecting to your tablet using cables, you must turn the wifi off on your camera first.

  • If wifi remains on, the app will not be able to see your camera.

make sure you create a new wifi setting in your camera

Canon cameras use wireless presets or ‘settings’ to store your wifi connection information. If you have used a setting to connect to a different app (such as the Canon app), you cannot reuse it to connect to SLR Booth Pro. You’ll have to create a new setting in your camera. The first time you use this setting to connect, your camera will ask you to allow the connection. Once you’ve permitted the connection once, it should not ask again.

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