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troubleshooting slr Booth pro:

ipad users


cable connection not connecting

There is no cable that will allow an iPad to connect to a DSLR camera. If you are using SLR Booth with an iPad, you must use a camera that allows WIFI connections. Any cable that indicates that it will allow USB connection to an iPad will not work with apps other than those produced by Apple. Third-party apps, like ours, will not work.

canon camera users - set up a new wifi connection

Canon cameras use wireless presets or ‘settings’ to store your wifi connection information. If you have used a setting to connect to a different app (such as the Canon app), you cannot reuse it to connect to SLR Booth Pro. You’ll have to create a new setting in your camera. The first time you use this setting to connect, your camera will ask you to allow the connection. Once you’ve permitted the connection once, it should not ask again.

cameras that are wifi-enabled

If your camera allows wifi-connections, but you are connecting to your tablet using cables, you must turn the wifi off on your camera first.

  • If wifi remains on, the app will not be able to see your camera.