Social Sharing Station


The SLR Booth social sharing station allows your guests to share photos from your photo booth on a second screen, freeing up the booth for more photo taking fun!

Link to Play Store


Automatically searches for, and connects to an SLR Booth Pro app running on the same network.

Supports the same great sharing functions as the SLR Booth Pro app:

  • Email
  • Print
  • SMS
  • QR Code
  • Facebook
  • Twitter



  1. Hi, would it be possible to share photo’s via paired devices using bluetooth?
    My thought is to sync the folders across2 tablets, 1 for taking the pictures the second for printing etc. An app to do this would be a benefit.

  2. I can not connect Social Sharing station to the device on which it is running SLR Booth PRO. I tried using different router and also a hotspot of a smartphone as suggested but did not work.

    • Hi Cliffer – Make sure the SLR Booth pro app is running, and on the main screen. You can also try directly entering the IP address of your tablet. FYI, the sharing app will not connect to the free version of the app.

  3. any advice for troubleshooting social sharing station?
    I have 3 android tablets (one in the photo booth, 2 for social sharing stations), and could not get this to work reliably on 2 different wifi networks I have tried.
    Sometimes one or two pictures come through and then it stops, sometimes it takes AGES (20 minutes or more) for each photo to come through. Had to resort to using the main tablet to send photos. I don’t think it is the network because my home network is very fast and reliable. I also tried this on a venue’s wifi network and it did the same thing.

    • Try updating to the latest version if you haven’t already – there’s an option to manually connect to an IP address if the auto-discovery fails, and the interval between checks for new photos has been reduced so downloads should happen faster.

  4. Why does the Social Sharing Station not support the same functions as SLR Booth it’s running from? For instance I can’t get sms text messages to work, or email lead generation. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

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