Triggering Options

SLR Booth provides a number of options for triggering the countdown, allowing for flexibility and creativity when it comes to creating your photo booth setup.


If you’re using a tablet or all-in-one with a touchscreen, then using the touch is probably the way to go. Just press the button with the camera icon on the screen, and the countdown will start.



SLR Booth will also respond to the space key being pressed. This can be sent from a standard USB or bluetooth keyboard, but another great option is to use a USB foot pedal programmed to send the space key.


Bluetooth Remote

There are several bluetooth camera remotes on the market that operate by sending the volume up key – SLR Booth will function just fine with these to start the countdown.


SLR Booth Remote App

If you have an extra Android phone, you can install the SLR Booth Remote app, and it can function as a basic UI with a few more features than a simple button – it can trigger and cancel the countdown, and also supports approving/deleting images after they’re taken. This works great when running the main app on an HDTV & Android TV box – users get a big screen to look at, but can still use a touch interface.


  1. Hi,

    Can you help walk me through setting the SLR Booth remote app to trigger SLR Booth? It doesn’t seem to be talking to each other. Thanks!

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