Mounting Options

Before you begin using SLR Booth, you’ll need to setup your equipment. One of the first challenges you’ll face is getting your mobile device and camera physically mounted together. Fortunately, a number of products exist to solve exactly this problem.


As phones are small and light, the easiest solution is to mount your phone directly on your camera using a hot shoe adapter. Once your phone is mounted to your camera, you can then put your camera on a tripod, or any other convenient location such as a shelf or table.


The downside to this mounting option is that it prevents you from using an on-camera flash


Tablets are a bit bigger than phones, but are still light enough to be mounted on a standard tripod. Using a Mic stand tripod mount, you can clamp a tablet mount directly to your tripod, and position it so the lens is close to the screen.


Large screen / All-in-one

Large monitors are excellent from a user’s perspective, but much more difficult to mount. A standard photo tripod isn’t sturdy enough to hold up a large LCD monitor, so something a bit beefier is required.

PA speaker stands are designed to support 100+ lbs of gear, and are sturdy enough to hold a monitor, but unfortunately aren’t designed for that job. However, they can be drilled to accept a standard VESA LCD wall mount, which can then be bolted on and secured with nuts. An articulating mount designed for mounting on a single stud is perfect for this use.




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