Social Sharing Station


The SLR Booth social sharing station allows your guests to share photos from your photo booth on a second screen, freeing up the booth for more photo taking fun!

Link to Play Store


Automatically searches for, and connects to an SLR Booth Pro app running on the same network.

Supports the same great sharing functions as the SLR Booth Pro app:

  • Email
  • Print
  • SMS
  • QR Code
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


SLR Booth Remote

The first companion app to SLR Booth Pro is now available: SLR Booth Remote.




SLR Booth Remote allows you to trigger the countdown over wifi from another android device. Now you can run SLR Booth Pro on a TV-Box hooked up to an HDTV, and still trigger it from a handheld touchscreen device.