SLR Booth Pro

SLR Booth is an app for Android devices allowing you to use your digital SLR camera and your mobile device to make the ultimate professional-quality DIY photo booth.  Whether you are looking to run a professional photo booth business or want to assemble a DIY photo booth for personal use, SLR Booth is what you are looking for.




Current features:

  • Use with Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras (see supported cameras list).
  • Easy uploads to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, adding a #hashtag to photo posts, allowing easy searching
  • Allows emailing of photos from within the app
  • Instant Printing over WIFI
  • Live-View preview
  • Supports Multiple layouts
  • RAW file support
  • Trigger options include touchscreen, keyboard, bluetooth remote, or USB foot pedal
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations




  1. A supported Canon or Nikon DSLR camera.
  2. An Android device running Android operating system version 4.2 or higher, with an USB on-the-go (OTG) port.
  3. A usb cable to connect your camera to your android device. (This should come with your camera).
  4. The SLR Booth app.
  5. (Optional) IPP/AirPrint compatible printer.




  1. Greg,
    This sounds EXACTLY like the app I’ve been looking for!! I hope to see that it is. I have not yet purchased a tablet because I want to make sure I get something that is compatible,Would the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 16GB be? If not, what would you suggest that is still pretty affordable?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Greg, I just learned about SLR Booth and I’m excited to get it going for a upcoming party I’m planning. I’ve been fiddling with the free version of the app to make sure that all of the equipment I have is compatible. When I took some test shots, I noticed that the files were saved on the Android, not the camera’s SD card. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I missed? Would really appreciate your help!

    • Hi Chris, that’s a limitation of the free version – it will only store downsized images with a watermark on your tablet. The full version will keep the full size originals on the camera.

  3. I have installed AMIDuOS which is an android simulator. I am able to install your software but when I connect the camera, your app isn’t able to see the camera (but windows can).

    Do you have any knowledge of how I can get around this?


  4. Just a couple of questions.

    Firstly your software is the best and most simple one i’ve seen on the web to date. Not only that, but it is also the cheapest!

    Is this software only for android or have you created it to work on windows?


    • Thanks for the compliments! If you’re happy with the app, a positive review on the app store would be much appreciated. 🙂 The app is Android-only, unfortunately for you, but you can use an Android simulator such as Genymotion to run it on a PC or Mac.

  5. Hi greg,

    From your posting u mentioned connecting your hiti printer via your mac to your tablet. Are you able to print directly via this app without needing to mend the mac?

    If so, we have a hiti 720, do you think it will work for us too?

    Will you be able to guide us on how to make this work please?

    • I haven’t tried the hiti 720, but I assume it needs a custom driver to work via USB. To print to it via the app, you’ll need to plug it into a PC or Mac, and share it over the network.

  6. Hi,
    Ich finde die Software super. Hab mir auch gleich die Pro Version besorgt.
    Gibt es eigentlich eine Möglichkeit, das wenn man keine Bilder macht, er eine automatische Diashow der gemachten Bilder macht? Auch wäre ein extra Button zurück dafür ziemlich genial.

    Habe meine Box nur so aufgebaut, dass man nicht an die Tasten kommt um das Programm zu verlassen, somit komm ich leider nicht an den zurück Button 🙁

    Viele Grüße

    marco C

    • Hi Marco – unfortunately I don’t speak German and have to rely on Google Translate. 🙂

      I’ll be looking at adding a slideshow after an idle period soon – I think that’s what you’re getting at.

  7. Hi Greg, nice Software so far! Just started testing. I Would like to print via network from my samsung tab 3. I tried my brother j5910dw, which is an IPP Printer, I think. I can see the printer in my brother app, but not in SLRBooth. Any suggestions? regards, Totti

    • That printer looks like it supports AirPrint (IPP), along with quite a few other protocols. Perhaps you need to enable AirPrint on it? I’m guessing their app for Android uses Google Cloud Print

  8. Greg,
    I am using the tablet in landscape. I made a custom template with the directions provided.
    Using 1800×1200 single template.
    Everytime I use it, it tries taking 6 pictures. I can’t find anything in settings that will correct this.
    I have tried various pixel configs and everytime 6 pics.
    Please help

  9. Just bought this cool piece of software.Getting the printer(using a Canon Selphy CP910) to show up is a bit fiddly but it works. It just needs Green Screen / ChromaKey + Voice Prompts and it will be a very viable option for Photobooth Service Providers and not just the DIY Crowd.

  10. Any way we can change when it says “look at the camera” since I would want to use this where they dont speak english…

  11. If you want to power the tablet at the same time of been in use, how would that be possible when the camera is attach to a device with only one usb port?

    • If your device only has a single USB port, you would need to use a powered USB hub or USB OTG Y cable to charge and connect to your camera at the same time. It looks like support for simultaneous USB and charging is heavily dependent on the device, so you would want to research which cable/hub might work for your specific tablet.

      • Hey Greg,
        this is actually also my problem, can u maybe recommend a tablet that hast multiple usb ports? Because even with a hub, as far as i researched so far, it’s not possible to charge and use otg at the same time.
        Or maybe there’s a tablet which is not charged by the usb port. sorry – but it’s really hard to find these informations 😀

        • Dennis, if you’re planning on doing events that last more than a couple of hours, you might want to look into an all-in-one. AOC, Acer and HP all make 21-24″ all in ones with multiple USB ports and dedicated power. Unfortunately I don’t think a powered USB hub will charge a tablet unless it has been rooted.

    • You can certainly use an eyefi card in the camera while shooting, but the communication between your tablet and the camera has to happen over USB, not wifi.

    • It depends on your device – if you are using a tablet with only one USB otg port, then yes you would need a USB hub to attach additional devices. Some devices such as all-in-ones have multiple USB ports and so don’t need a hub to use additional USB devices.

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